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Welcome to Mountain Magic Oils 

Do you want to learn more about the essential oil lifestyle I’ve been passionate about for years? 


I’m here with my team to help you be Healthy, Happy, and Pain Free.   


Surf the site. You’ll find lots of FREE healthy lifestyle content, including: 

Essential Oil Guidance and Recipes, plus the Blog Spot offers current and relevant Insights into the use of Oils.  


Learn about the doTERRA Lifestyle Programs designed to keep you Energized and Productive.  The Life Scrub and Supernatural Recipe Guide are some of my favorites.  And, there are plenty more.   


Take advantage of doTERRA wholesale pricing, not only will you become a part of the largest natural health movement in the world, you’ll get 25% off your purchases.  Better yet, do you have passion for oils?  Join our team.  

Mountain Magic Oils isn’t just a website, we are real people!  I’m Lorrie, and I’m ready to aid the Bozeman Montana community with small group learning sessions and virtual training on the multitude of uses of essential oils.  Message me to learn more.  

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Why Essential Oils?

They can help with:

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Gut health has the potential to impact all other aspects of your health.  


Find your perfect combination of essential oils and/or supplements to help you get the beauty sleep you need.


I have supplements to help with seasonal cleanses and daily organ support.

General Health

Essential oils have the ability to influence your physical and emotional health.  Because of their ability to be absorbed into our system, within 20 seconds they are in your bloodstream, 20 minutes in every organ in your body.

Weight Loss

Between the Slim & Sassy products and the Mito2Max energy supplement, you can see incredible results!


Stress affects all aspects of your life.  Learn what steps can be taken to reduce that impact.



"I started using doTERRA about 8 months ago, my husband had mentioned to Lorrie that I was struggling finding balance with fibromyalgia.  She immediately mailed me some products to try and made a day trip to my house to educate me.  She is always on call if I have questions or problems, and calls me to tell me if she sees things that would help me.  

I never thought I would be using anything like doTERRA, but I am sold on it and love the relief it brings.  And while there are others who live closer to me that sell doTERRA, none can match Lorrie's knowledge and spirit."

— La Rae Roberts

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