Adaptiv - Calming Blend

I came back from Convention feeling a little beat up. Between walking back and forth from hotel to the Vivant arena every day, standing on concrete for 2 hours to purchase from the swag store, schlepping the really full bag back to my hotel, driving 7 hours each way....I really needed a little pampering! I scheduled a massage for yesterday morning, and decided to give the new ADAPTIV blend a try. I asked my masseuse to incorporate some of the oil into her massage lotion (used before and after cupping).

Holy cow!!!! This new essential oil is designed to help reduce the feelings of stress and overwhelm. It's calming to the mind and body. And after breathing it in and having it worked into my skin for an hour, I truly felt like I could handle anything the day brought to me! Even as I went back to work, I felt a comfortable and warm feeling. Things that usually stress me out didn't really have any impact on me. It's amazing!

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