Bug Spray for Dogs

Memorial Day weekend is the kick-off for summer and, for many, means their first camping trip of the year. Make sure you remember to bring the bug spray...for yourself and your dogs!!!! Did you know that essential oils make great insect repellent?! This recipe is amazing at keeping those pesky insects away from your dog.

40 drops TerraShield 40 drops Peppermint 20 drops Cedarwood 20 drops Arborvitae

Combine in a 1 ounce glass spray bottle. Top off with fractionated coconut oil. Shake well before use. Spray on your hands, rub together, then rub your hands through your dog's coat, behind ears and on legs, stomach and feet. Reapply as needed (2-4 times daily), but apply lightly to avoid overwhelming your dog's senses.

**Some words of caution: 🚫 DO NOT use on puppies under 3 months old 🚫 DO NOT get in their eyes, nose, ears or on their genitals 🚫 If the skin gets irritated, DO NOT use water to dilute it - only use fractionated coconut oil 🚫 DO NOT apply oils to long-eared breeds - the oils can get in their eyes or nose when they shake their head

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