Creating a Blend for Pain

Creating your own custom blend is one of the greatest benefits of using essential oils instead of OTC medicine! With an OTC product, it typically only has one application/issue that it addresses. Essential oils, though, can work on so many different concerns! Since every person is different, it may take a little trial and error before you find the perfect combination for you. When I'm trying to create a blend to address a concern (let's say we're working on discomfort), I go through a process of identifying which essential oils may be helpful. From there, I'll see if I which oils I have and then combine them (usually in a roller bottle). Here are some suggestions for when you're looking to address areas of discomfort. Some of the oils are numbing, some reduce inflammation, others are cooling or warming... đź’§AromaTouch: nerves, circulation, swelling, tension đź’§Siberian Fir: swelling, bruising, muscles and ligaments, jaw and head tension đź’§Rosemary: warming, good for older injuries and recurrent issues đź’§Wintergreen: numbing, cooling, good for recent injuries and anything that is soothed with cold đź’§Lemongrass: ligaments, joints, muscles, post surgery pain, swelling đź’§Cypress: pain in the hands and fee, circulation support, muscles đź’§Black Pepper: chronic pain, numbing, very warm, back pain When you are starting out, it usually easiest to choose up to 5 oils to combine, and add equal drops of each. As you become more comfortable with the process, you can adjust quantities based on your desired effects. For an adult, I would make a 10 mL roller bottle using 9 drops of each of the 5 oils. Top it off with fractionated coconut oil, or carrier oil of choice.

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