Dry Summer Legs

It seems like my skin gets really dry as the summer wears on. And since it’s still so hot, I’m living in shorts more than I care to...and I want my legs to look their best! Here are some tips to keep your skin looking and feeling great!

Drink a few drops of Grapefruit or Slim & Sassy essential oils in your water each day. These will support you from the inside out.

Before you shower, dry brush your legs. If you’re not familiar with this, you take a soft-bristled brush and do long sweeps up your legs (towards your heart). For additional support, use a drop of Zendocrine essential oil blend (only use the oil before bed, as it may create photosensitivity if you were to go in the sun afterwards).

In the shower, exfoliate your legs with the dōTERRA Body Scrub, or make your own coffee sugar scrub.

After you get out of the shower, follow up with the Yarrow|Pom Body Renewal Serum for a hydrating glow.

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