Energy Cleansing

I usually bring this blend out as we transition to a new year...but since it’s great at dispelling negative energy, I thought it might be helpful now!

Lemongrass - powerful energy cleanser; helps to release past issues, stagnant or toxic energy

Juniper Berry - detoxifying; can lift low energy, helps you feel protected

Lemon - cleansing; invites in magic and positivity

Bergamot- the oil of self acceptance; cleanses feelings of negativity towards self; brings in confidence and peace

Lavender - the oil of communication and calm; cleanses tension, fear and blocked communication

To diffuse: add 2-3 drops each oil. To make an 8 ounce spray bottle, use 7-10 drops each, add a tablespoon of witch hazel, top off with distilled water. Shake before use.

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