Fibromyalgia Support

I've recently had a couple people ask me if essential oils could help with their Fibromyalgia symptoms. The answer...YES! doTERRA has several amazing products that have been shown to improve quality of life.

For the roller bottle recommendation, apply to the bottom of your feet, or directly over areas affected. The oils recommended for this blend are so supportive when it comes to reducing discomfort!

The Lifelong Vitality Pack is full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality. It supports so many different areas:

­čî▒General wellness and vitality ­čî▒Antioxidant and DNA protection ­čî▒Energy metabolism ­čî▒Bone health ­čî▒Immune function ­čî▒Stress management ­čî▒Cardiovascular health ­čî▒Healthy hair, skin, and nails ­čî▒Eye, brain, nervous system ­čî▒Liver function and digestive health ­čî▒Lung and respiratory health

These supplements are gentle on stomach, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

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