Fresh Pines

One of the best smells of the holiday season is the smell of fresh pine trees! 🎄It seems, though, that I can't really smell my fresh Christmas tree in my house. One way to boost that scent, and keep your tree healthy longer, is to add a couple drops of essential oil to your tree water (Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir, On Guard or Tea Tree are good choices).

Another idea.. use these same oils in a mister bottle, top off with water. Use this method to spray your wreaths and garlands to keep them fresh.

Don't have a real tree??? Take your oil(s) of choice and add a couple drops to a pine cone (I absolutely LOVE the new Black Spruce oil for this!). Tuck the pine cone into your tree for that fresh pine scent! Such a better option, instead of using those fake tree-smelling options!

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