Get Back Into Your Jeans!

Every year, at this time, I seem to have the same feeling...that I ate too much, haven't exercised enough, and am having a really hard time being comfortable in my skin. Anyone else feeling this way right now???

The "skinny jeans" protocol helped me a lot last year, so I'm going to start it again this year! Would you like to join me? It's an incredibly supportive combination of essential oils that help to boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation, repair cellular damage, and help you feel better overall.

2 drops Yarrow|Pom 2 drops Turmeric 2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Pink Pepper 2 drops Slim & Sassy

Take these in a veggie capsule 2-3 times daily.

Let me know if you're interested in trying this protocol! I'd love to have someone to do this with, and compare results!

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