Hiking to Reset My Mind

Updated: May 21, 2019

I am definitely one of those people who absolutely need to get out into nature to allow my mind to reset - especially if I've had to be "on" more than normal, or if I've been around a lot of people for too long. To keep me sane, my husband and I try to get into the mountains at least once a week. It's actually a win for both of us! Right now, he's looking for elk and deer sheds and I just need to get my body moving (finding sheds is just a bonus for me).

We're slowly getting into better shape. With the snow gone, we're able to move a bit easier and faster. Saturday was a fairly easy hike - only 6.5 miles - but the views always make it worthwhile! And I love this time of year when there's still snow on the peaks, and the valley is slowly starting to green up.

We both have a tendency to forget to stop and eat, until we're beyond hungry. Bringing small snacks makes it a bit easier to grab a bite on the go (or when we actually decide to sit down for a minute!). The Packaroons from Heather's Choice are my favorite!!! They're small, hearty, and just enough sweet to feel like a treat. If you'd like to give them a try, here's my link: http://lddy.no/5qox.

Big Sky country, for sure! The trail is at the base of the hill...and the snowy peaks are up by Big Sky Resort.

I love cool dead trees! This one was still an intact shell from a fire that passed through years ago.

There's still quite a bit of snow up there!

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