How and Why Should You Dilute Your Oils?

Are you looking to dilute your essential oils, but unsure of the best way to do it? I found this handy guide in a recent issue of Willow & Sage magazine (it’s an amazing magazine, full of DIY beauty ideas).

What this translates to is something like this for a 10 mL roller bottle:

0-12 months = 1-5 drops

1-5 years = 5-10 drops

6-12 years = 10-20 drops

13+ years = 20-45 drops

elderly or sensitive skin = 10-20 drops

Also, my favorite carrier oil is Fractionated Coconut Oil. I like it because it's clear, doesn't stain clothing, has no scent to it, is easily absorbed (not greasy), and doesn't clog pores. But if you have another favorite, don't be afraid to try it (see list below for additional idea)!

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