Laundry Stripper

I tried out this new thing I heard about, called Laundry Stripping. It’s a process that takes natural ingredients and strips all the build-up (of dirt, chemicals, etc.) from your laundry. I decided to start with our towels...cuz they tend to get funky. This is the picture after soaking for 10 hours - GROSS!!! Are you interested in trying it out yourself? Here’s theprocess:

2 cups baking soda

1 cup white vinegar

2-4 tablespoons On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

20-40 drops of a cleansing essential oil ( like Lemon, On Guard, Purify, etc.)

Add hot water to a bathtub. Stir in the ingredients. Add laundry. Mix every few hours. Soak for 8-12 hours. Remove from tub; squeeze excess water from laundry and transfer to your washing machine. Do a quick spin cycle then run a laundering cycle with hot water and extra rinse - no soap or softener.

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