Mandarin Coriander - Candle vs. Diffuser

I have always loved candles. They are cozy, have a flame, and usually have some wonderful scents. But most of what we find, produced commercially, are full of toxic chemicals that can affect our health - and I really don't like that idea.

While I'll still burn the occasional candle (especially if I know how they're made), I love to recreate the scent combinations in my diffuser! Recently, I received an email from one of our local boutiques, featuring their new candle scents. The description for this particular candle is: lively mandarin oil, robust coriander, vibrant grapefruit, calming lemon balm, warm sweet marjoram, fragrant rosemary leaf, cozy Irish moss, sacred Atlas cedar wood, verdant green ivy. Did you know that we have almost all of those in the form of an essential oil?!

You can adjust the number of drops per oil as you prefer, but here's what I put together in my diffuser:

3 drops Green Mandarin 2 drops Coriander 1 drop Grapefruit 1 drop Bergamot 1 drop Marjoram 1 drop Rosemary 1 drop Cedarwood 1 drop Vetiver

It's a lot of oils...but it smells so incredible!!! Have you ever tried to recreate your favorite scents??? What oils did you put together??? I would love to try it in my home!

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