Open Your Heart

I love connecting with people, in general. But there are days where I struggle with the concept of welcoming them into my world with open arms. On those days, I reach for these two oils to help me feel more at ease and receptive to connections...

💦 Cedarwood: the oil of community. It brings people together and helps to create bonds in social groups. Failing to form social roots can lead to feeling disconnected and separate from others. Cedarwood helps us to open our hearts to receive the love and support from other people.

💦 Geranium: the oil of love and trust. It helps to restore confidence in the goodness of others. This is extremely helpful when you need to heal trust that has been broken. Geranium also assists with healing a broken heart and encourages emotional honesty.

What steps do you like to take when you have feelings of not wanting to socialize, to connect with people?

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