Skin Serum

Sometimes I feel the need to change up what I’m doing for skin care - especially as the seasons change. Anyone else?! This serum does the trick, and it feels very pampering...

4 ounces Argan oil

10-15 drops Frankincense

10-15 drops Copaiba

10-15 drops Blue Tansy

3-5 drops Rose (or 10-15 drops from the roller)

Combine in a 4 oz glass bottle. Drop about a dime-size amount into your hand. Massage over face (even if you have makeup on!) for about a minute. The oils attracts the dirt, oils and buildup from your skin. Take a hot wash cloth and steam/wipe your face.

This is good for: reducing pore size, balancing oil production, hydrating your skin, anti-aging, balancing skin tone.

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