When to take which supplements....?

I have found such an incredible benefit from the many supplements that dōTERRA puts out! Until joining this company, I never knew there was a difference among the many (oh so many) choices out there. I thought it was normal to take these humongous vitamin every day, and for your pee to turn bright yellow. What I didn’t realize is that the change in color comes from all that our bodies couldn’t absorb. I also didn’t realize that our bodies don’t necessarily recognize most of what is provided by a traditional supplement form.

dōTERRA has changed that approach by creating plant-based supplements in a form that our bodies can use! This means that we are able to absorb and process every part of the supplement, almost immediately. Once I learned about this approach, I started taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV). This pack provides me with the omegas, food nutrients (which we are not getting from our food) and cellular support. Over time, I have added a number of other supplements, for additional support.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out when is best to take them all! Anyone else feel this way?! I love this handy reference because it shows an easy timeline to follow. I hope this is helpful for you! If you have any questions about the various supplements, I will do my best to answer them for you!

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